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  • Aug 2018
    I'm just totally in love with my car. It's an amazing veichle and just what I wanted
    —Tarran D - 2005 Nissan FUGA 450GT V8 RWD
  • Jul 2018
    Alot of car for the $, love it
    —Geoffrey D - 2005 Nissan FUGA 450GT
  • Jun 2018
    The Nissan Fuga is a fantastic car.
    —PORUSP T - 2005 Nissan FUGA 250GT Low Mileage
  • Jun 2018
    Great car heaps of room safe as family car with the power to go with it
    —Shannon W - 2005 Nissan Fuga 350GT
  • Jun 2018
    Great condition overall. Everything working as new. Comfortable car drives really well.
    —Mauro R - 2005 Nissan Fuga 250GT
  • May 2018
    Very happy with the fuga looks great!thanks
    —Blake N - 2005 Nissan FUGA 350GT Sports Leather
  • Apr 2018
    The interior is really nice - more so than I expected from a regular 2005 car. The petrol tank is huge but it doesn't use that much more petrol than a sedan of similar size. Really nice to drive.
    —Stephanie H - 2005 Nissan FUGA 350GT Cruise Control leather
  • Apr 2018
    Spacious, Powerful and luxurious all around a great car to own, alot of people complimenting on it!
    —Joshua H - 2005 Nissan FUGA 350GT Sports Pkg
  • Jan 2018
    Absolutely believe that Nissan’s are great cars and the Fuga is a perfect example of that.
    —Chanya-Rose R - 2005 Nissan FUGA 350 XV
  • Sep 2017
    The Nissan fuga is a great car. It is solid and strong body.
    —Stacey Y - 2005 Nissan FUGA 350XV
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