• 2012 Toyota MarkX

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Comment Highlights (14)

  • Jan 2022
    Still getting use to it but...We Love it!
    —Taungaroa E - 2012 Toyota Mark-X Zio 240G
  • Oct 2021
    Looks good, nice to drive and comfortable.
    —Deborah S - 2012 Toyota Mark X 250G S Package
  • Oct 2021
    It can fit three across in the middle row and can legally take non tethered booster carseats.
    —Corey M - 2012 Toyota Markx ZIO
  • Oct 2021
    Absolutley love it
    —Kelly C - 2012 Toyota Mark-X Zio 240 Aereal
  • Oct 2021
    Toyota Mark Xs are very good vehicles to drive. They are spacious, good family cars and has a lot of space for moving if you need to. I am speaking from experience because I traded a Mark X for a Mark X (newer model) It is a very good car to drive.
    —Randriamalala T - 2012 Toyota Markx ZIO
  • Oct 2021
    Spacious boot when third row is down, Seats are comfortable, plenty of legroon for driver and front passenger.
    —Rachael J - 2012 Toyota MARK-X ZIO 7 Seater 240
  • Apr 2021
    Comfortable and economical
    —Peter P - 2012 Toyota Mark-X ZIO Aerial
  • Feb 2021
    A good 7 seater, enough power to move the whole family and spacious enough to move large items.
    —Pek W - 2012 Toyota Markx ZIO
  • Jan 2021
    We were looking for something with good boot space for a pram and bags etc. This delivers on that front, and also drives really smoothly for a good price.
    —Dylan K - 2012 Toyota Markx ZIO
  • Dec 2020
    Quite and comfy
    —REPAIR RIGHT LIMITED - 2012 Toyota Mark-X 250G S
  • Dec 2020
    Great car for me as I am tall (6'6" or 198cm) Loads of room, well spec'd, drives like a dream.
    —Darin R - 2012 Toyota Markx
  • Jun 2020
    My new car is amazing and I’m enjoying driving it a lot. Thank you
    —Neekhil S - 2012 Toyota Mark-X Premium 'Facelift' Model
  • Feb 2020
    Very Nice car, comfortable and safe driving. Also very ecnomical compared to other same specs cars.
    —Syed K - 2012 Toyota Mark-X 250G
  • Jul 2019
    Love the car. Beautifully presented.
    —Sandra F - 2012 Toyota MARK-X 250G 24,200KMS GRADE 4.5 NEW STEREO