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  • Oct 2021
    Excellent fuel consumption
    —Duane J - 2011 Volkswagen Polo Cross TSI 1200cc turbo supercharged automatic airbags abs alloys
  • Oct 2021
    Very easy to drive.
    —Brenda C - 2011 Volkswagen Polo CROSS 1.2
  • Aug 2021
    Zippy little car that is fun to drive.
    —MELISSA W - 2011 Volkswagen Polo GTI
  • Aug 2021
    Great fuel economy and ease of parking in Auckland CBD
    —Mark M - 2011 Volkswagen Polo
  • Jul 2021
    It's a good car Fuel efficient and easy to drive. The appearance it was just right for people who do stuff on their own . Just perfect
    —Vaulina T - 2011 Volkswagen POLO
  • Jul 2021
    I so love my ride and the look it has. Very quick too. Great on fuel. I’ve had compliments from friends and family. Thank you.
    —Nina S - 2011 Volkswagen Polo
  • Jun 2021
    Really happy with the driving space/ leg room and seat position, it's comfortable to drive.
    —Kelsey R - 2011 Volkswagen Polo 63KW
  • Jun 2021
    Very nice looking. Economical and great buy.
    —Bandula W - 2011 Volkswagen Polo TSI Highline Very Low Mileage
  • May 2021
    Very safe and easy to drive for female drivers.
    —Sujung K - 2011 Volkswagen Polo
  • Feb 2021
    The boot is too small for our requirements. IE. baby buggy won't fit.
    —Jean S - 2011 Volkswagen POLO 5D
  • Feb 2021
    Very nippy good fuel economy
    —AMANDA F - 2011 Volkswagen Polo TSI COMFORT LINE 5D
  • Feb 2021
    It's very comfortable, drives well, has more room than I thought.
    —Karen B - 2011 Volkswagen Polo TSi Highline
  • Feb 2021
    I am a very short person therefore the open boot was out of my reach for me to be able to close it with any degree of ease. Some mechanism or maybe strap to pull on would be a very useful addition.
    —Julie M - 2011 Volkswagen Polo TSi Highline
  • Jan 2021
    Very good little car, very fuel efficient, very safe. Bought for our daughter, she loves it.
    —DAVID B - 2011 Volkswagen Polo TSI Comfortline
  • Jan 2021
    Very fuel efficient vehicle which has a good safety rating. The space in the car isn't the best but we knew that when purchasing the vehicle and didn't bother us too much.
    —Sullivan V - 2011 Volkswagen Polo TSI COMFORT LINE
  • Dec 2020
    It's small which is ok for my daughter as a first car. Everything else is perfect. It looks cool and has all the features a 17yo wants. It's safe, reliable and economical which is what I want as a parent.
    —Fiona B - 2011 Volkswagen POLO GTI
  • Dec 2020
    Small car big heart
    —Robert A - 2011 Volkswagen POLO TSI Highline
  • Oct 2020
    Stylish interior and appearance, especially when we had everything colour coordinated to match the colour of the car &n trim. Very peppy from a small engine.
    —Robin Y - 2011 Volkswagen Polo
  • May 2020
    Great vehicle, can't go wrong.
    —Leoni V - 2011 Volkswagen Polo GTI
  • Feb 2020
    Think it’s a value for money vehicle
    —Charlene A - 2011 Volkswagen Polo
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