FREE/ Standard Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Most of our vehicles are sold with FREE Mechanical Breakdown Insurance for 6 months or first 3000Km ( whichever comes first), back to base only. This offer is for vehicles sold at the advertised price otherwise standard warranty applies.

Extended Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI)

You can choose up to 3 years protection with multiple options such as Comprehensive Cover, Component Cover, etc..

We do provide comprehensive protection through our Insurance partners- Janssen Holdings Ltd, Autosure New Zealand and Mainstream Insurance with a range of plans to suit your needs and budget, we can help pay your repair bills and take away some of the stress associated with any unexpected repairs- Terms & Conditions apply as per booklet provided by each insurance partner

Tip: Buy 1 year MBI and get two years protection OR buy two years MBI and get 3 years protection at very competitive price- talk to us for more information